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Another Game-Changing Design

OOS InternationalOOS International Group has revealed its new game changing Semi-Submersible Fast Floatel (SSFF). After two years of engineering together with Leenaars BV and close discussions with oil majors, engineering contractors, and evaluating several logistical challenges, the company announces the finalisation of the SSFF’s basic design.

OOS now combines passenger transfer with floatel services by implementing speed with excellent station keeping. The braceless ship-shaped design has been extracted from the OOS Gretha. The units, the OOS Madelief & OOS Bloeme, will measure 100m in length and 50m in width, with an economical speed of 24 knots. In the field the vessel will submerge the floaters for excellent motions on DP, preventing seasickness at zero speed during transfer of personnel and standby. The vessel’s quick ballast system (4 x 1,200m3/hr pumps, 8 x compressed air driven ballast tanks for quick ballasting: 4 x 10,000m3/hr) can ballast down in just fifteen minutes. The comfort rating of the SSFF is between 90 and 95 both in transit and at zero speed on DP. The SSFF has a capacity of 348 people with one person per cabin (with shower and toilet). They can rest when the vessel is underway. This enabled mobilising during the night, so people can arrive at the field fresh in the morning. Around ten offshore production units can be visited during the course of the day and return to port within that very same day. In addition, the units will act as floatels, remaining long-term next to the FPSOs or production platforms. Both units fully comply with all Brazilian rules and regulations.

CEO and founder of OOS International Mr Léon Overdulve announces, “I am very pleased that we are able to provide safe logistical solutions such as the SSFF by listening carefully to our current and potential end-clients. This project also gives us a lot of gratification by receiving satisfactory confirmation. Innovation is always fun, but receiving a thumbs-up from end-clients is the cherry on the cake.”