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COBRA Completes First Dive in North Sea

COBRAJFD has announced the successful completion of the first North Sea dives with COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreather Apparatus), marking a significant leap forward in diver safety. Bibby Offshore is the first North Sea contractor to adopt COBRA, thereby setting a precedent for diver safety in the region.

In March 2018 JFD delivered six of the rebreather sets to Bibby Offshore in order to enhance diver safety within their saturation diving teams, by providing up to twenty minutes of bailout gas at depths of 300m. COBRA is certified to a depth of 450m and is currently being tested to 530m – therefore greatly improving the chances of survival. Over a two-week period, the COBRA sets were operated from the Bibby Topaz at a water depth of 110m. In all, over 30 bell runs were safely and successfully completed during the course of the operation. On board assistance was provided by a JFD COBRA technician and instructor who conducted familiarisation training, and also provided advice to the divers and operators throughout the duration of the project. On the back of this success – and with a high level of diver satisfaction – Bibby Offshore is already commencing its second North Sea dive with the COBRA sets. This new project will see the apparatus tested further, with a diving depth of 130m. COBRA was designed and developed in response to a crucial need for more advanced ‘bailout technologies’ to provide divers with an extended supply of emergency breathing gas in the event of a primary failure.

The set was released last year following rigorous testing and in May 2017 COBRA was granted CE marking status to 300m to NORSOK U101 (Diving Respiratory Equipment) and EN14143 (Self Contained Rebreathing Apparatus). COBRA is the only commercial emergency rebreather system in the world which can satisfy both of these requirements. As a result, the system pioneers a new level of safety for divers conducting operations around the world.