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New Lilaas LE90 All-in-One Control Lever Launched

Elma Components, Lilaas’official sales and service partner, has announced the launch of the new Lilaas LE90 all-in-one thruster and propulsion lever. The Lilaas LE90 eliminates the need for dedicated thruster, propulsion, FWD or AFT levers, as it covers all these functions by means of a single control lever. 

The Lilaas LE90 is a compact space saving lever that is flush mounted and no parts under the mounting plate. The device is available as a single or double control lever. Three interchangeable LED Illuminated scales are standard in the box (5v or 24v). Optionally three pre-adjusted and easily interchangeable switch modules can be built in.

Users are able to configure brakes and detents. Adjustment screws allow the adjustment of friction, handle detent point and block movement aft. Finally the lever’s handle offers interchangeable custom logo space.

The Lilaas LE90 control lever is one of several models developed and manufactured by Lilaas AS. It has been tested according to the company’s final test and final control procedures.


Specification details:

  • Enclosure: IP66
  • Materials: Aluminium, Steel A2, POM
  • Finish: Anodised, SurTec
  • Appr. weight 900g
  • Handle movement / Electrical movement: +/- 60º / 246 deg
  • Potentiometer: 5K¬ 350 deg max wiper current 1mA
  • Detent: Zero and +/- 20%.
  • Friction: Adjustable
  • Block a movement: One handle (additional screw in box)
  • Scale foil: 3 types included in box
  • Illuminated scale: RGB led, 5VDC or 24VDC
  • Type approval: EN/IEC 60945, ABS, BV, DNV/Gl, KR, LR, NK,, RINA, PRS, RS,C RS