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Fischer Panda Introduces New 100kW Electric Motor

Fischer Panda has extended its EasyBox HV electric drive system portfolio with a new 100 kW electric motor. The EasyBox HV systems are designed for commercial boat operators, in particular taxi boats and smaller ferries, requiring drive redundancy. The new 100kW version with 796Nm torque is available as a shaft version for internal installation.

The electric motor can be installed in a single or dual drive system. It is also ideal for larger vessels requiring a powerful and responsive auxiliary motor for manoeuvring in and out of ports at lower speeds.

Fischer Panda will be showcasing the new 100kW electric motor for EasyBox HV 360 V drive systems at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo from 27-29 June 2018, at booth E8025.


Key points:

* B40-430-8-SH
* Output power 100kW
* Rotation 1200rpm
* Torque 800Nm
* Weight 155kg
* Permanent magnet technology ensures high efficiency
* Brushless; low maintenance
* Highly efficient
* Sensorless
* Aluminium housing; very good thermal conductivity
* High torque ensures very good manoeuvrability
* For commercial applications
* Water-cooling; well suited for high environmental temperatures
* Quiet operation; no gearbox
* Output data = shaft power