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Offshore Wind Industry Challenges Innovative Entrepreneurs

innovation challengeOn 14 June, about four parties from the offshore wind industry will during the WindDays share the specific bottlenecks they face during the construction, operation, and maintenance of windfarms.

They challenge innovative entrepreneurs to come up with solutions that can be applied within three-quarters of a year. With this Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge, Offshore Wind Innovators aims to directly bring parties together, accelerating the market introduction process. Discussions with windfarm owners, financial institutions, insurers, contractors, and manufacturers show that they have to cope with urgent problems that require technological breakthroughs. There is a particular need for innovations that reduce both costs and the chance of failure, as well as limit the number of repairs and increase their speed. It is at the same time difficult for pioneering companies to create awareness and find a launching customer for their innovation.

After the presentations on 14 June, these innovative entrepreneurs will have about a month to come up with a first proposal to address these bottlenecks. Selected submissions will receive intensive support from applicants and experts from Offshore Wind Innovators to elaborate their proposal. At the end of November, the winner will be awarded during a special event.