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Second Barge Master 3D Motion Compensated Crane for Wagenborg

Barge MasterWagenborg has awarded Barge Master with a contract for a second 3D motion compensated crane to be installed on their new walk-to-work vessel the Kasteelborg. The fact that Wagenborg and Shell/Nam have selected Barge Master for an additional BM-T40 motion compensated crane showcases the success of the first one, which was installed on the state-of-the-art Walk-to-Work vessel Kroonborg.

The first motion compensated crane on the Kroonborg has increased the workability from approximately 180 to 330 days per year. The Barge Master Crane, as configured for the Kroonborg, makes it possible to continue safe and stable crane operations even in the North Sea’s famously rough conditions. It is able to lift 5t at a reach of up to 20m or 15t at a reach of 10m, both at a 32m height. The BM-T40 motion compensated crane will be mounted on the Kasteelborg by Royal Niestern Sander. Earlier this year, this shipyard already converted the Kasteelborg from a PSV into a Walk-to-Work Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel for Wagenborg. The new walk-to-work vessel will support offshore operations for the combined NAM and Shell UK business unit at the gas production facilities in the Southern North Sea. It will operate as a stand-by and support vessel for inspection and maintenance of the unmanned platforms in both Dutch and British waters. For the fabrication of the new crane Barge Master is teaming up with Bosch Rexroth, having previously worked together successfully on the first crane as well as Barge Master’s 3D compensated platforms and gangways.

“Barge Master’s motion compensated crane is designed to create a much wider operating window at sea, and increases safety and workability considerably. And by doing that, you reduce cost tremendously,” says Martijn Koppert, CEO of Barge Master. “I have worked offshore for a long time, and have experienced the problem of swinging load first-hand. A heave compensated crane does not eliminate swinging. That is why we came up with the 3D motion compensated crane. Simply put, this technology keeps your crane load stable even in choppy waters,” he adds.