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 Meyer Werft and University of Groningen sign cooperation agreement 

Meyer Werft (MW) and the University of Groningen (UG) agreed a long-term collaboration. Sibrand Poppema (President of the University of Groningen) and Tim Meyer (Managing Director of Meyer Werft) signed a cooperation agreement. 

The objective of their teamwork is to expand the interaction between science and the economy in the northern region. MW is always on the lookout for further highly-qualified professionals, including from the Netherlands. Both cooperation partners are joining forces to create the “Innovation Lab Papenburg – Groningen 2018-2050”. This will involve concrete projects between MW and the UG to create sustainable and competitive solutions. These projects will combine scientific questions with concrete fields of application from the industry. 

 The first three projects will deal with the topics IT, sustainability and energy efficiency:

  1. Next-generation IT in the production environment
    In the age of Smart Industry / Industry 4.0, information and communication technology offers a high degree of flexibility in the field of production. The aim is to develop a piece of IC technology to integrate approaches for an intelligent value chain in the cruise industry. 
  2. Sustainability in international business
    As a world leader in the construction of cruise ships, MW is guided by international sustainability standards. The aim of the project is to implement a globally recognised and standardised reporting method. 
  3. Energy efficiency on cruise ships
    The construction of energy-efficient ships is one of the most important challenges facing the cruise ship industry. This project will involve joint research into technical possibilities for innovative fuel, efficient drive systems and renewable energy generation.

Furthermore, the so-called “future rooms” will be built in Papenburg and Groningen, where all projects and activities will be coordinated.


MEYER WERFT and University of Groningen sign cooperation agreement

From left to right:
back row – Gernant Deekens (University of Groningen), Harald Orfgen
(University of Groningen), Paul Bloem (Executive Board Member CPA, CSR, CC),
Peter van Kampen (Secretary University of Groningen North West Germany), Prof Dr.
Bayu Jayawardhana (University of Groningen); front row – Tim Meyer (Managing
Director Meyer Werft), Prof. Dr. Sibrand Poppema (President of the University of