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CSSC Continues Expansion of Marine Services

CSSC welcomes continued expansion of new marine service businessIn response to increasing demand for services offered by CSSC Marine Service Co.,Ltd, (CMS), planning of future expansion is underway for currently represented service centres in Hamburg, Athens, Singapore, Houston and Dubai. In total six strategic service hubs and 28 service stations will be established worldwide by 2020.

Andrew Stump, President at CMS, commented, “Since the company’s launch in 2017, CMS has rapidly gained traction in the market. We are quickly gaining customer trust and the result is the signing of an increasing number of maintenance and inspection agreements. Therefore, we are putting the key infrastructure in place in order to secure the continued expansion of our services in the marine sector.”

CMS delivers life-time service for all CSSC-manufactured engines and products in addition to providing warranty handling for engine manufacturers HHM and CMD.  Since the company’s establishment in 2017, CMS has been steadily developing its capabilities and rapidly expanding to meet customer demand in parts supply, field services, dry docking, warranty support, maintenance agreements and remote monitoring services. A 24-hour hotline service commenced at the beginning of 2018 which is serviced by local service experts with back up support from CMS’ OEM licensors. Services offered enable CMS to fully support the current portfolio of engines available and to give ship owners confidence in ordering CSSC built equipment.