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Dellner Launches New BUEL STL Braking Dystem

Dellner to launch new BUEL STL braking system at SMM 2018International brake supplier Dellner Brakes AB is launching a brand new range of ‘plug and play’ electrohydraulic braking systems at this year’s SMM in Hamburg, combining the very best of Swedish and German engineering, from Dellner Brakes and sister company Pintsch Bubenzer, for the very first time.

The new BUEL STL systems provide a compact, self-contained solution for stopping, turning and locking ship propeller shafts on vessels of all sizes, as well as for industrial applications. They are the first to combine groundbreaking technologies from Swedish-based Dellner Brakes and their new sister company, Germany’s Pintsch Bubenzer, which the Dellner Group acquired in January this year.

As the name suggests, the systems combine elements from Dellner Brakes’ innovative stopping, turning and locking (STL) systems with Pintsch Bubenzer’s patented BUEL electrohydraulic thruster/power package. Needing no external piping, the systems are compact, easy to install and, with the BUEL using only half a litre of high performance synthetic oil (compared to seven litres of hydraulic oil in standard hydraulic power units), are cheaper to run and environmentally-friendly too.

Dellner Brakes CEO Marcus Aberg said, “The new BUEL STL is the perfect solution for customers looking for a high performance, self-contained braking system that’s simple to fit and operate. It brings together the very best of Swedish engineering excellence and German production quality for the benefit of our customers, and we are confident this will be the first of many co-operations between Dellner Brakes and Pintsch Bubenzer. We are very much looking forward to showcasing this exciting new product at SMM, as part of our full portfolio of brakes and clutches for the marine industry.”

At its simplest, the new system combines a Pintsch Bubenzer BUEL Model G, delivering up to 240 bar of pressure, with a powerful Dellner disc brake offering stopping torque of up to 1,026kN. Customers can then choose to add a Dellner locking device that, available with hydraulic, electric or manual power, can deliver locking force of up to 1,000 kN. Customers requiring a full STL system can then also add a Dellner electrical continuous turning device , which uses an electric gear wheel to move the brake disc and attached shaft to any position – forwards and backwards – or turn the disc continuously, all with variable speed and torque of up to 119kN.

The stopping, turning and locking functions can be operated individually or as a fully automated system, according to customers’ requirements. There is also a wide range of options for the system interface, from manual hand operation to electronic control panels and even remote wireless operation through a smart phone or tablet – whatever the customer needs.