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Visit WindTech 2018

WindTech 2018Global Industrial Events is a leading event organiser for regional and global energy and maritime conferences, summits, exhibitions and face-to-face meetings. In the near future EU 2020 (European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth) will have a big impact in the renewable energy and wind sector. According to these changes, Global Industrial Events will host the International Wind Power and Technology Summit (WindTech) in Porto, Portugal on 28 to 30 October, 2018. 

The summit mainly covers Wind Energy, Finance, and Alternative Energy Technology issues to promote renewable energy transmission and increase the usability as one of the crucial targets of EU2020. The Summit will gather key renewable and wind experts and companies around the globe which have a big influence in the industry such as STATNETT, Siemens Gamesa, EDM, UL International and others. Meanwhile, the Summit is Supported by 28 Leading Renewable and Wind Organisations of the industry, including APVIA, APREN, ANEV, SAAEA, and others which are central figures in this assessment. Attendance in this Summit will increase the importance of the topic in the European wind sector and support the European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (EU2020) targets which will be quite a big opportunity to get knowledge and information about Green Activities in offshore wind. Global Industrial Events Team is pleased to invite you and your partners to be one of the participants in Summit and exchange knowledge with wind experts and market leaders across the globe.

As Offshore Industry is Media Partner to the WindTech 2018 we are please to provide you 15% discount to all participation formats. Your promo code for this is WTS-2018. You can contact organisers through email by putting this promo code in the Subject Line of your email. Global Industrial Events Team have the honour to welcome You at the “International Wind Power and Technology (WindTech) Portugal 2018” Summit.