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Zero Emission Solutions from Xeamos

Zero Emission Solutions from XeamosIt’s a commonly shared vision that there will be no future for polluting diesel marine engines in a world where the majority of diesel engines, even in the smallest vehicles, are running without producing hardly any soot or harmful gases at all. Because what is a bigger anti-climax than a luxurious superyacht with soot-producing diesel gensets leading to dirty deposits? For superyachts, a good after treatment solution is essential.

Xeamos’ aim is to provide bespoke systems for clean air. Considering all variables common in yachts such as a wet dry exhaust, fuel quality, comfort, limited available back pressure, active regeneration, certification rules and safety, complete solutions ensure clean sailing. Every design is based on the customer and their specific requirements, resulting in a solution that does not only meet statutory regulations, but also the customer’s wishes.

With compact, price competitive designs that meet superyacht standards and certification rules such as IMO Tier III, Xeamos has proven to be an ambitious newcomer to the market. Since 2017, Xeamos manufactures exhaust after treatment systems. Starting as a joint venture between Solfic Energy & Emission and NPS Diesel, Xeamos is a brand new name built on a lifetime of experience.

Meet the Xeamos team at Monaco Yacht Show at booth no. QS10 to discuss all developments with them.