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Opening New Falck Safety Services and Fire Academy Training Centre

On Tuesday the 16 October 2018, Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam, officially opened the Falck Safety Services and Fire Academy Maasvlakte-Rotterdam training centre. This new training centre teaches and trains fire brigades from the public and (petro) chemical sector together with the offshore, maritime and wind industry in how to prevent incidents thus provides an effective response to calamities or crisis situations.

This is the third location in Falck Safety Services and Fire Academy’s 33-year history in the Netherlands. The latest insights in education and training, safety, occupational hygiene, the environment and the safety training standards that apply to the industries have been leading in the realisation of this training centre.

Allard Castelein opened the training centre not without a reason. Also 33 years ago the, formally, Rotterdam Municipal Port Authority was one of the initiators for the realisation of the first training centre. Today, the training centre still contributes to safety of the Port of Rotterdam and far beyond, because of its international reputation.

The new 6.5ha training centre is more than one hectare larger than the old training centre and offers sufficient opportunities for future expansion and further development based on the wishes of the industries and new insights in the field of safety.

“I am happy that this centre has been kept at the port of Rotterdam because of its important role in terms of safety. We have joint ambitions. Safety is our number-one priority in the port. And not just for local shipping but also for residents, people working in the port, companies, and professional and recreational users of the port area. The Falck Safety Services and Fire Academy centre has a vital role in this respect: live practice and simulations result in an interactive realistic experience and bring knowledge and practice closer together’,” said Mr Castelein during his speech.

René van den Bosch, Managing Director Falck Safety Services Central Europe, commented, “I am very proud of the result that we have presented to you today. With our new training centre we are ready for the future. I am thankful to all partners and employees who have contributed to this result.”