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BigLift Barentsz Transports 11,700mt Jackup Platform

BigLift BarentszRecently, BigLift Barentsz loaded the 11,700mt jackup platform Exomna in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, to bring it to the West of Africa. Within three weeks the platform was safely delivered to its destination.

The jackup platform has an overall breadth of 75m and its legs are 133m high. BigLift Barentsz was the right vessel for this project. She has a large, flush deck of 125m x 42m, with high deck strength and a uniform grid of bulkheads and web frames, all completed with a sophisticated ballast system. With a very short lead-time – only three weeks between signing contract and starting loading operations – all design and engineering, procurement and construction was completed by the in-house project team. For load spreading purposes, 60m3 of cribbing wood was securely positioned on the vessel’s deck.

The platform stood waiting in the water of the port of Vlissingen, when the heavy lift vessel slowly inched herself underneath with her own engines, two bow anchors, four cross wires from her own winches to the platform and a stern tug. Once the vessel had been meticulously lined up with the jackup’s frames, the platform could safely be lowered to land on BigLift Barentsz deck. Both the loading and discharge operation were performed within the course of a single day.
Watch the operation on youtube.