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World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) Officially Launched



World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) is a newly-founded non-profit association and the world’s first organisation exclusively dedicated to fostering the global growth of offshore wind.

It was founded by the following nine international companies representing the entire offshore wind value chain, along with the US Business Network for Offshore Wind, which represents over 200 member businesses in the USA:


  • DEME,
  • EEW Special Pipe Constructions,
  • E.ON Climate & Renewables,
  • Green Giraffe,
  • innogy,
  • Marsh,
  • Northland Power,
  • Suzlon Energy,
  • US Business Network for Offshore Wind,
  • Watson Farley & Williams.

Taking into account cost reductions, technical maturity and global expansion, 2017 and 2018 have proven to be the breakthrough years for offshore wind energy. It is therefore time to push for the global rollout of offshore wind. This requires the focus of an organisation 100% dedicated to offshore wind, and one with the ability to act on a global scale. As such an organisation did not previously exist, WFO was established.

Sven Utermöhlen, COO of E.ON Climate & Renewables says, “In times of rapid global expansion of the offshore wind industry, WFO is an excellent initiative.” Tulsi Tanti, Chairman of Suzlon Energy Limited, comments, “WFO connects India and other emerging offshore countries with mature markets from Europe.” Liz Burdock, CEO & President at US Business Network for Offshore Wind states, “WFO is the perfect platform to bring the US offshore wind market closer to the rest of the rapidly growing global offshore wind market.” Richard Sandford, Director of Offshore Investment & Asset Management of innogy, adds, “Realising the potential of offshore wind is crucial to meeting European and global renewable energy targets. With WFO a platform was founded which helps to support the global expansion.”

WFO is registered as a non-profit organisation in Germany, with offices in Hamburg and Singapore. WFO’s unique profile as a non-profit organisation will facilitate access to governmental and international forums in order to open new markets and to advocate for global offshore wind growth. Against the challenge of climate change and the need for accelerated activities to limit CO2 emissions, WFO will engage on social and political levels as well as on wider stakeholder platforms to draw more attention to the many positive economic and ecological benefits of offshore wind energy. WFO will work with governments around the world to discuss and advance the key political parameters required to deploy offshore wind energy. WFO encourages politicians to take action and introduce legislation that allows offshore wind development to flourish.

On a corporate level, WFO’s members will benefit from its global knowledge exchange activities. WFO will facilitate the exchange between players from established and emerging offshore wind markets. Emerging markets benefit from lessons learnt, allowing them to jump the cost curve and to kick-start offshore wind developments in their domestic markets. Established players benefit from local contacts in new markets and valuable insights from local decision makers. WFO’s positioning and the value it provides to companies, societies and political decision makers will be demonstrated during its first flagship event – the 1st Global Offshore Wind
Summit. This two-day summit will be held on 5-6 March 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan – currently the world’s most dynamic region for offshore wind. WFO will bring together key offshore wind decision makers from Asia, North America and Europe to discuss the industry’s way forward and to send a joint message from the global offshore wind community to governments around the world: It’s time for the global rollout!