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15m ProZero vessel wins Best Inshore Aquaculture Boat 2018 Award

Tuco Marine wins Best Inshore Aquaculture Boat 2018 Award

Tuco Marine’s 15m ProZero vessel in the special high-pressure cleaning version has been awarded the prestigious ‘Best Inshore Aquaculture Boat 2018’ award by the International Work Boat World Magazine.

The 15-meter workboat is described by the magazine as “A very carefully thought-out and well-planned boat that aims for especially high efficiency. An exceptionally highly-optimised design that has been very well executed by a very busy builder”.

The 15m ProZero HPC boat is built from composite materials which reduces the structural weight of the vessel and ensures low maintenance and superior durability. Thanks to the low weight and the twin inboard diesel engines connected to the distinctive Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system with forward-facing, counter-rotating propellers, the vessel is capable of operating at more than 33 knots. The union of low weight and efficient propulsion results in impeccable control and handling, world-class fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

“We are extremely happy to receive this prestigious award. To us this shows that our dedication and commitment to fulfilling all the needs and requirements of a highly specialized and discerning industry such as aquaculture really pays of when it comes to acknowledgement from the workboat industry stakeholders. We would not have been able to develop the ProZero line of vessels without the countless user interviews and tests done with industry stakeholders. This has really driven our continuous improvement and development process towards the successful result which is represented by the award,” says Jonas Pedersen, Managing Director of Tuco Marine.