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Aker BP Operates Ivar Aasen Onshore

Aker BPAker BP has become the first company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to operate a staffed platform from an onshore control room. Ivar Aasen in the North Sea is now operated from Aker BP’s offices at Trondheim.

The control room is key to all activity on the platform. In addition to monitoring facilities, production, equipment and following up everything that takes place on the field, the control room plays an important role in activating work permits, and for the arrival of vessels and helicopters within the 500m zone.

Ivar Aasen was constructed with two identical control rooms – on the platform and in Trondheim. The plan has always been to move the control room to land. Other offshore staffing on the field will remain as before. There is a lot to be learned from this new method of managing the activity, both for Aker BP and for the industry.

Aker BP sees a considerable potential for increased revenues because the subsurface experts are closer to the control room, which can give better mutual understanding and common goals. Cost cuts can also be achieved over time through the development of new digital solutions that change the way we work.