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New Roxtec Fire Laboratory is Up and Running

RoxtecCable and pipe seal provider Roxtec has more than doubled its fire resistance testing capacity. The new laboratory creates conditions for continuous development of safety products.

“Our new fire lab fulfills the three goals of the investment”, says Mikael Helmerson, CEO of Roxtec. “It provides a very good working environment and has a state-of-the art purification system taking care of the emissions from the test furnace. It also increases our capacity so that we can support our product development and our customers in the best way possible.”

The fire lab is located at the Roxtec headquarters in Karlskrona, Sweden. It plays a key role in the product development and pre-certification process for the sealing solutions. One of the factors behind the global success of Roxtec is the ability to ensure certified protection. Roxtec engineers and technicians can prepare the tests in the new lab with exactness. Every test object must be tested as an entire system in a realistic environment. The test object is built, with transit installations in walls, bulkheads, floors or decks, and attached to the furnace. The process is followed closely and monitored via computers in the control room.

Customers and classification society representatives can be invited to witness tests from the observation room. The tests verify the seals’ maintenance of integrity and insulation in accordance with strict standards. The results are helpful for both customers and engineers. “The fire lab enables us to grow as a company. We will be able to help even more customers in different industries around the world protect life and assets,” says Mikael Helmerson.