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Fourth Unit of Mangusta 110 series Was Launched

On 25 February, a new Maxi Open in the Mangusta 110 series, hull no. 4, built for a European Owner, was launched.

Thanks to waterjet propulsion,this model glides elegantly over the water, with no vibrations or noise. The presence of a gyroscopic stabilization systemallows to reduce pitch and roll, thereby optimizing comfort both at anchor and when cruising, in stormy waters too.The two MTU 16V2000 M96L 2600 HP engines push her over 33 knots.

Other distinctive characteristics, as is the case for all Mangusta models, include large onboard volumes, the great comfort ensured by the open areas, and the flawless balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is a yacht that clearly expresses the comfort and luxury the Owner had in mind for guests: taking them from one place to another in a few hours, the Mangusta 110 allows them to discover new landscapes every day and to enjoy a large number of areas for socialisation, but also others offering unparalleled privacy, both inside and “al fresco”. At the same time, the Mangusta 110 can cruise at low speed in fuel-efficiency mode, always in the utmost comfort thanks to gyro stabilizers.

The limited draft, just 1.70m, allows cruising also in shallow waters. The yacht can be easily maneuvered using the joystick and is equipped with a dynamic positioning system  that allows the vessel to remain in a specific GPS position without being affected by the tide, the wind or the current.Great attention has also been devoted to the environment, with the use of last-generation low-emissions engines.

The long-standing experience of the Balducci family in building large vessels, combined with continuous technical research and innovation, leads to high engineering quality and reliability that last over time.