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New Schottel Pump Jet Presented

The new SCHOTTEL Pump Jet type SPJ 30Schottel has presented the new Schottel Pump Jet type SPJ 30: a shallow-water thruster that is suitable for a wide range of different vessel types, such as passenger vessels, ferries, work vessels and freighters. 

Available in the power class up to 150kW, the azimuth thruster is characterized by optimal efficiency and gives the vessel maximum manoeuvrability. The thrust and propulsion efficiency have been further enhanced, particularly by means of CFD optimisations.

Compact design

With the SPJ 30, Schottel is extending the power range with a highly efficient azimuth thruster that is ideal not only for newbuildings, but also for modernisations. Due to the compact design of the Pump Jet, space-saving installation is possible with minimal displacement loss. The thruster is also extremely versatile: the above-water gearboxes are available as Z and L variants, and diesel engines, electric or hydraulic motors can be used as power sources.

Reduced risk of damage

Since the Pump Jet is installed flush with the hull of the vessel, the vessel’s resistance is not increased and the risk of collisions with flotsam is enormously reduced. Further protection against damage is provided by the protective grille on the inlet. The robust SPJ is thus predestined for operation in extremely shallow waters – even in the event of grounding, the risk of damage is considerably reduced. The thruster is optionally available with elastic mounting, which further reduces noise levels and vibrations.

Tried-and-tested propulsion and manoeuvring system

The Schottel Pump Jet has proved its worth over many years as a reliable manoeuvring system, take-home device and main propulsion unit on a wide range of watercraft. Its power range is from 50 to 3500kW. Supplying full thrust at a minimum immersion of 150 to 750mm (depending on the specific model), it can also be used on vessels with a very shallow draught.

The new SPJ 30 will be available from the end of the year.