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Portable Filter Unit for On-Board Hydraulics

Portable filter unitStauff has developed a compact portable filter unit for mobile filtration of decentralised on-board hydraulic systems. It can easily be transported to the place of use, even in confined spaces. Versions for 50Hz power supply on land and for the 60Hz on-board electric system can be supplied.

Hatches and gates, stabilisers, winches, steering gears and loading systems – passenger and transport vessels are equipped with a variety of decentralised hydraulic systems. The use of mobile filter units can be necessary in these systems for maintenance work or to temporarily support the integrated filters. Stauff has developed the filter units type SMFS-P-015 specifically for this application. They feature very compact dimensions and are portable rather than on wheels, as transport across several levels or through hatches and space saving storage are crucial criteria on ships.

The high-quality gear pumps in the units have good suction behaviour to pump fluid media through the Stauff filter element with a viscosity between 10 and 400cSt. The pumps are driven by energy efficient three-phase motors (class IE2). A pressure switch prevents damage to the components, e.g. when lines become blocked. To provide best possible protection of the pump against the negative effects of coarse contamination, a washable stainless steel mesh filter is used in the suction line.

The portable filter devices are available with two different motor/pump units: The 50Hz version is suitable for power supply on land, while the 60Hz drives can be supplied by the on-board electric system. In both cases, the combination of compact dimensions and high performance provides the basis for universal and highly flexible use on board, especially as the units can be equipped with all common spin-on cartridges from the Stauff range with Micron ratings from 3 to 125mu. The visual contamination indicators on the filters allow the filter elements to be replaced as required.

The units can be used to efficiently clean hydraulic systems as well as lubricating systems on mineral oil basis. They are not only suitable for preventive maintenance and servicing of the ship hydraulics – during maintenance work, for temporary support of the integrated filters or as bypass filters on large-volume systems. Equipped with a suitable blank filter element, they are also used for draining and transferring container contents.

A suitable filtration device is also useful for filling hydraulic systems with fresh oil. This is because fresh oil can usually not be designated as pure, as it is rarely fine-filtered during production and processing and particles can additionally be introduced during filling, transferring and transport (e.g. in reconditioned barrels). This provides service personnel on ships and maintenance service providers with a highly flexible system for on-board purification of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. The robust design of the filter units ensures a long service life even under high strain.