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Motrac Industries Includes Electric Drive Technology in ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

MotracThe independent certification body TÜV Nederland has recently awarded Motrac Industries, a subsidiary of Royal Reesink, the ISO 9001:2015 and VCA certificate. The certificate is issued for the quality of the design, assembly and maintenance of hydraulic and electrical installations, and also for the supply of components for hydraulic and electrical installations. The certificate is valid worldwide for three years.

In the scope of the recertification, electric drive technology is the newcomer to the Motrac Industries’ story. In September 2018, Motrac Industries expanded its product range with a complete range of electric drive technology. Director of Reesink Industries, Maarten Vinkesteijn, says, “ISO & VCA certification are both very important for Motrac. We are increasingly seeing that customers who fully appreciate our quality are still looking for an official certificate, so that they too can better guarantee their internal quality control. It was therefore a logical step for us to include our electrical drive technology in the recertification. As an organisation, we find it important to continue to improve ourselves, our mutual collaboration and organisation. This requires the proactive attitude of all our employees. We define all our processes and procedures ourselves, without outside help.”

When asked why Motrac Industries defines its own processes and procedures, Mr Vinkesteijn states, “It gives you an enormous amount of insight into your organisation and shows you where the challenges and opportunities lie. Three years ago, Motrac was one of the first seven companies in the Netherlands to officially receive the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from TÜV Nederland. An important guiding principle for our organisation in the ISO process is, ‘Which core values are important to our customers?’. The answer to that question was: ‘They must have sound professional knowledge, deliveries have to be highly reliable and they should do what they promise.’ We have translated these core values from the highest level of abstraction to the operational level in our organisation.

Together with our employees, we have reviewed and improved our processes and procedures. Shortly before, we had already applied this principle to the implementation of a new ERP system. This has led to a more consistent quality, which is directly embedded in the organisation and has considerably reduced the administrative burden. The same principle has been applied this time to the ISO process and also to the implementation of a completely new version of our ERP system, which we will roll out at the end of this year. We continue to monitor and improve our processes and procedures where necessary. The world of our customers and competitors is changing on a daily basis. As an organisation, we move along with this so that we can serve our customers optimally. It is not for nothing that our slogan is Powered by experts!”

Mr Vinkesteijn continues, “By defining our own processes and procedures, we experience each ‘Improve’ process intensively with each other. The strong commitment and motivation of our people translates into a more powerful company. As Motrac and as part of Reesink Industries, we are proud of that.”