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Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge Kicks Off with Call for Technical Challenges

In May the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge (OWIC) will kick off. The goal of this challenge is to accelerate applied innovations in the offshore wind industry. Offshore Wind Innovators is searching looking for companies that are looking for an innovative solution to the technical challenges they face. They are invited to sign up now as Business Partner for the OWIC 2019.

To construct one of the largest infrastructural developments in Dutch history, the offshore wind industry has to make offshore wind even more affordable, reliable and sustainable. Accelerating technical innovation and implementing it into the offshore market, will give offshore wind a better position in the energy system, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

That is why the Offshore Wind Innovators community has taken the initiative to launch the OWIC. The second challenge starts now with a call for companies to share their technical challenge. Challenges during the development, installation, operations & maintenance or decommissioning phase. During the challenge process, SME’s and start-ups of the community are asked and supported to come up with innovative solutions ready to use within six months.

In 2018 innovative entrepreneurs came up with solutions such as for a more durable fender, on the spot oil analysis and blade inspections at night using a drone.