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World’s First Wind Turbine Blade Beyond 100m!

turbine bladeLM Windpower recently produced the world’s largest wind turbine blade. It is the first blade to surpass 100m in length. The 107m blade has completed the molding process at our factory in Cherbourg, France. The LM 107.0 P will now proceed with post-molding finishing touches, before undergoing rigorous testing and validation to demonstrate its ability to withstand more than 20 years of operation offshore.

The 107m blade is set to capture the wind for GE’s Haliade-X 12MW offshore wind turbine, the world’s most powerful wind turbine to date. Lukasz Cejrowski, LM 107.0 P Project Director at LM Wind Power, says “The LM 107.0 P is one of the biggest single-components ever built. This is an amazing achievement not only for LM Wind Power and GE Renewable Energy, but for the entire wind industry.”

Alexis Crama, LM Wind Power’s Vice President, Offshore, adds, “This achievement was made possible by our team of highly passionate people developing technology and manufacturing processes, to revolution yet again the offshore wind industry with ever-larger and more reliable rotor blades – thus capturing more wind and ultimately delivering an even lower levelised cost of energy!”