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Lankhorst Offshore Mooring Lines for Energean Power FPSO

LankhorstDeepwater mooring rope manufacturer Lankhorst Offshore has been awarded a contract by TechnipFMC to supply the mooring lines for the Energean Power FPSO for the Karish and Tanin gas fields, located in the eastern Mediterranean, approximately 90km offshore Israel.

Energean Israel leases and operates the Karish and Tanin gas fields and will use the FPSO to process the reservoir fluids and export sales gas from these fields to the shore of Israel via a 90km pipeline. The FPSO will be spread moored using fourteen mooring lines arranged in 2×4 and 2×3 clusters at 1750m water depth. Lankhorst is supplying 28 rope lengths, arranged in two segments per line, totalling 43,400m of Cabral 512 deepwater mooring rope with a minimum breaking strength of 12,400kN. Each mooring line will comprise a chain top segment, polyester rope middle segment and chain bottom segment, connected to a suction pile anchor.

Cabral 512 polyester ropes utilise a rope construction that is optimised for deepwater mooring applications. Manufactured from high efficiency sub-rope cores laid parallel within an outer braided jacket, each sub-rope is monitored during rope manufacture to ensure all sub-ropes have equal tension and length. The Cabral 512 ropes will be manufactured at Lankhorst Offshore’s factory, dedicated to the production of offshore mooring systems, in Paredes, Portugal. “The ‘Energean Power’ FPSO will be the first permanently fiber rope moored offshore facility in the Mediterranean. We are delighted to be awarded the mooring lines contract for this prestigious project”, says Neil Schulz, Sales Director of Lankhorst Offshore.