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Introducing EXpressure: the World’s First Lightweight Ex d Cabinet

EXpressureThe EXpressure from R. STAHL Electromach is the first explosion protected enclosure in the market that safely releases explosion pressure. The revolutionary enclosure technology enables cabinets to be built virtually identical to those used in non-hazardous industrial areas.

The new cabinet offers added benefits while still being equipped for reliable use in Zone 1. The new EXpressure cabinets are revolutionising the science of explosion protection. They are equipped with grids made from stainless steel wire mesh in the walls through which pressure flows in the event of an explosion. The wire mesh absorbs the heat energy and the pressure dissipates. Thus, the pressure inside the enclosure is reduced to less than 1 bar. The wall thicknesses are reduced to just 2mm. This makes EXpressure Ex d cabinets considerably lighter. The innovative enclosure design offers additional options for control solutions in hazardous areas.

As a machine, system and plant manufacturer or as a user of process systems, you will benefit from the various advantages of the revolutionary EXpressure technology. This technology results in enclosure designs that are significantly more compact and lightweight. This means that EXpressure is up to 50% lighter – with the same interior volume – compared to conventional Ex d solutions. This reduction in weight is important, for example, when used offshore, on ships or in lifts. EXpressure is the perfect solution whenever you need to bear in mind weight restrictions for your installations. This is because EXpressure cabinets provide more available load capacity for your application. This means that you can benefit from the very latest technology with reduced outer dimensions and a lower weight. You will also have no restrictions on the built-in components you require. And the best part is that you can reduce your costs along with the weight. The reduction in weight will also reduce your logistics costs. You can also take advantage of easier handling and reduced mounting and installation costs.

EXpressure is certified as an ‘Ex d flameproof enclosure’ and is used for operation in Zone 1 and Zone 2. The technology provides a large installation volume and makes quick and easy project engineering possible. The production and installation of explosion protected controls and distribution boards is significantly simplified. Instead of dividing the overall electrical operation between a number of enclosures, one cabinet is now sufficient for the entire control panel or distribution board.

Learn more at: r-stahl.com/expressure