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Position Paper Energy from Water leads to Roadmap for Marine Energy

Ocean EnergyTo elaborate on the importance and potential of marine energy for the Netherlands and what is needed politically to support this, Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) and Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) set up the position paper Energy from Water. 

After discussions with Dutch members of Parliament, the position paper was presented at the debate on the Dutch climate agreement on 4 September to Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, Eric Wiebes. As a positive outcome, the Minister and Commission agreed on drafting a Roadmap to Marine Energy.

DMEC and EWA have launched the communication campaign for the marine energy sector at the end of June, when the Dutch government presented its long-awaited climate agreement. The agreement contains a number of relevant and useful points for the marine energy sector. At the same time, the direct political, policy and financial securities needed for the sector to take the necessary steps forward in the coming years are lacking. The Roadmap to Marine Energy is an important step in the positioning of the marine energy sector on a national and international level.