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Insertable Safe Area Creator for Standard Shipping Containers

Explosion protection for containerised rooms and solutions requires clear responsibility when it comes to functionality and relevant safety aspects. R. STAHL Electromach offers system solutions as a full service package, from design to operation.

Our modular approach has key benefits for the control and distribution of stationary, mobile or temporary applications for offshore environments. Our cost-effective ‘fit for purpose’ philosophy enables us to be an ideal explosion protection partner who understands your application and the challenges you face. It doesn’t matter if you need a remote instrument building (RIB), HVAC system, analyser house, operator cabin, local equipment room (LER) or any other Ex-solution for your application. We have been very familiar with the constantly changing specifications and continually increasing environmental requirements for decades now. Therefore, we are an expert in worldwide certification guidelines.

The certified containerised solutions by R. STAHL Electromach are the result of fifty years of experience in explosion protection technology. The solutions are built for onshore and offshore locations and can persist extreme weather conditions. While pressurised, the application possibilities of the containers are limitless. The container can be set up and adjusted to comply with your demands, whether you need a workshop, control room, operator room or pump skid.

As a result of our experience in containerised systems, R. STAHL Electromach presents the new standard for pressurised solutions: the ExSys Module. By placing the patented module in a standard shipping container, a safe zone can be established. This seals the container and enables overpressure. The ExSys Module is installed within hours and fits any size shipping container. It is optimised for transport and persists in extreme weather conditions. The module is provided with a fanbox, outlet station, entrance door and control box. It can easily be extended with add-ons like an air lock system and air conditioning unit. The ExSys Module is the solution that fits the offshore standard!