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Onshore and Offshore Efficiency

IFSLeading global enterprises that own and operate large mobile assets such as floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) operators, drilling contractors and other vessel owners in the oil and gas industry can increase profitability by improving efficiency, taking control of project risks and optimising global operations both onshore and offshore. This requires total real time visibility of their global business, including global finance, project and asset management, complex international on- and off-shore supply chain and offshore asset productivity.

To improve business efficiency onshore, finance departments need better support for creating new companies in their system of record, processing multi-company transactions and sophisticated reporting and analysis tools to operate across countries, companies and business units. In addition, a complex global supply chain represents an opportunity to achieve significant business improvements through better global sourcing and framework agreements offshore inventory management and follow-up. More efficient maintenance due to better job planning, materials and resources will allow companies to move staff onshore.

Emerging technologies such as big data, internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, digital twins present new opportunities to optimise offshore operations, connect with HQ and provide total visibility.

An enterprise solution for both onshore and offshore
In a single, proven software solution designed for the industry in consultation with our customers, IFS supports project management, asset management, global finance and business operations. Implementation is straightforward, and the result is reliable onshore and offshore with intuitive usability that eases training and acceptance.

One of the major challenges global mobile asset owners face is real-time communication of transactional information between offshore units and onshore locations. IFS turns this challenge into a competitive advantage for our customers. This means that for IFS customers, offshore operation always has system support even when operating in areas with no satellite communication. Yet onshore operations always have current information on the status of each offshore asset from serviceability to inventory on hand to current contributions to cost, revenue and margin.

This whitepaper describes the integrated enterprise software landscape required, with global finance functionality integrated with leading project- and asset-management and supply chain tools that enable oil and gas enterprises to achieve the efficiencies and profitability they require while offering a platform to integrate emerging technologies.

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