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Next Generation Rod Rigging from OYS

OYS will launch their new series of rigging design – the N-Series at METSTRADE 2019. The new range will focus on sustainability, extending the lifecycle of the product and the reduction of waste through the yacht’s life cycle.

The N-Series is the Next Generation of Rod Rigging and is a complete re-design of the range of OYS products that have been a benchmark and the go-to for riggers and mast makers in worldwide.

The N-Series will launch with all new rigging fittings providing the interface between the mast and deck. What is different and what does it mean for the end-user and those servicing the rigging? The concept is for a more modular approach, making the component parts more accessible with less replacements required during the rigging’s lifecycle, reducing both ownership cost and waste.

Ben Green, Head of Design at OYS comments, “The design team here have really enjoyed this new challenge. We have a dynamic team of talented designers and it’s been a great opportunity to review the market leading range year old range, updating materials, the manufacturing processes and reducing cost impact for yacht owners and the environment.”

“I am really pleased with how this range has taken shape, and with METS around the corner it’s a great time to launch as we see all our of our customers from around the world at this show,” comments Robbie Sargent, Rigging Sales Manager at OYS. “Initial feedback has been really positive, so I am really looking forward to hearing how it’s received at the show.”

OYS are world leaders in the supply of rod rigging and associated fittings to the superyacht industry. Established in 1998, they have supplied standing rigging to the world’s largest sailing yachts of their time. Today they continue to be at the forefront when it comes to rod rigging, supplying to yards, mast makers and rigging companies around the world.


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