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Unique Virtualisation & Visualisation Platform for the Maritime Industry

Alewijnse has introduced a unique virtualisation and visualisation platform for use on trailing suction hopper dredgers. The solution can also be applied to other vessels and brings numerous advantages. The AIViVi system has already been successfully installed on several DEME’s trailing suction hopper dredgers.

The innovative platform acts as a central hub, centralising and integrating all the dredging process systems, and distributing the visualisation of the data to all networked screens on board. Alewijnse has achieved this first and is the only company currently able to offer a fully digitalised platform to the maritime market.

Unique software platform
The innovative AlViVi is a unique, fast and flexible platform, consisting of several virtualised dredging process-related systems. It replaces the computers and Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) equipment and reduces cabling on board the vessel. The platform can visualise multiple ship’s systems on individual screens. Alternatively, a single system can also be selected for display on multiple screens around the vessel. This makes it a highly flexible solution for operators on board.

Alewijnse Product Manager Johan van Rikxoort outlines the many benefits: “The platform is fast, user-friendly and extremely reliable, resulting in maximum uptime and optimal operational safety. By bringing together multiple systems in one environment, the maintenance and management becomes much easier and efficient. Updates are better and faster to test or roll back. In addition, the life-time of the software is extended by the independence of the platform and the system is also extremely secure from intruders.”
Mr van Rikxoort adds: “An additional benefit considered highly important by Alewijnse for this project is the significant reduction on space and costs of hardware and software maintenance. The solution saves enormously on physical components; the platform takes up 75% less space through much reduced requirements for cabling, computer hardware and cabinets.”

Projects DEME and Alewijnse
Alewijnse has been working with DEME for more than three years in the field of automation on board dredgers. Previously completed projects are the hopper control systems such as the Alewijnse Draught and Loading System (ADLS) and Alewijnse Suction Tube System (ASTS) with complementary automatic functions.

Trailing suction hopper dredgers
DEME’s trailing suction hopper dredgers are part of the large fleet of trailing suction hopper dredgers operated by DEME. It is one of the most modern and versatile fleets in the dredging industry and the vessels can be found operating all over the world.