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Van Oord Shares Energy Transition Vision

 Van Oord presented the first copy of the white paper ‘Enhancing the energy transition’ to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. This took place during the WindEurope Offshore in Copenhagen, the international event where the latest developments in the offshore wind sector are presented. The white paper sets out Van Oord’s contribution to the global energy transition.

Global energy demand has increased by 35% over the past fifteen years and continues to do so. At the same time, the energy transition is one of the greatest global challenges facing society. For Van Oord, this requires two transitions: at company level and at global level. How Van Oord acts in this context is made clear in the white paper. The scale and scope of the energy transition is set out and eight key elements are highlighted that are decisive for accelerating the energy transition.

The ambition of Van Oord is to act as an initiator for accelerating the energy transition while also creating societal value. We are fully committed to enhancing the energy transition by enabling the large scale roll out of offshore wind. Sector-wide collaboration and innovations are key in making this transition a success.