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H2M Opens New Office in Denmark

H2M officially opens its new office in Denmark! In the past years H2M has been growing in Denmark. Customer demands were plenty, so to provide better services, expand offices and create new projects, the company decided to have their own space in Esjberg.

The new office will strengthen H2M’s presence and offers dedicated space for meeting with clients, partners and with sales and delivery specialists. The office will be dedicated to attend to customers (or potential ones) to have one-on-one attention, exchange ideas, knowledge and to deliver operational services so that both parties can work together with new and existing projects.

The new office in Denmark is operating, as expected, in Danish (and English) and the leading person is Kim Christensen. Mr Christensen, originally from Denmark, is an experienced business development manager in offshore wind and oil & gas with a focus on B2B markets. The journey for H2M continues as the company is growing in other countries as well: Norway, Germany, UK and USA.