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HydrauRent adds HydrauPack 1500E all-electric power pack to its fleet


HydrauRent, Hydrauvision’s rental division, has added a new, all-electric power pack to its fleet. The HydrauPack 1500E is a compact electric driven hydraulic power pack that only has a small footprint in relation to the installed power output, and is available for rental and for sale.

The new 1500kW power pack contains six pump-motor combinations, meaning the hydraulic output is automatically adjusted depending on the power required by switching the motors on or off, thus minimising energy usage. The six units are divided into two systems of three pumps, with one
hydraulic tank, whereby each system is equipped with its own coolers and connectors. The total flow can be combined, or it can be operated as two separate power systems. The output manifold is equipped with a double set of connectors to make it easy to operate the power pack as such, or to use the second set of pumps as a back-up or redundant unit.

“Being the size of a standard 20ft container, the HydrauPack 1500E only has a modest footprint. With its DNV 2.7-1 frame, it can be placed safely and easily on almost every vessel,” says Elbert van den Brink, Sales Manager Rental at Hydrauvision. “Thanks to its CSC certification, it is allowed to be transported via commercial shipping all over the world. Further the unit has a large cooling capacity – of almost half of its maximum power- for operations in the hottest climates. Maintenance is easy, thanks to the large access hatches in the unit. If required, each motor pump combination can
be quickly replaced from the outside.”

Being fully electric, the HydrauPack 1500E is powered by the vessel’s electrical supply. This means no fuel tanks are needed, no exhaust fumes on deck and less operating noise. “This provides our customers with a better and cleaner solution for future projects while answering to the increasing demand for hydraulic power”, adds Mr Van den Brink. “The advanced operating system makes integration with customers’ existing systems very easy. This gives the opportunity for full data analysis and optimisation of the use of the power pack.”

The HydrauPack 1500E can be used either stand-alone or linked with several other units in order to reach a higher hydraulic flow. To facilitate this the hydraulic tank has coupling plates to connect the levelling hoses, allowing for the combined units to operate like one single power pack. “The HydrauPack 1500E is the future for an efficient, greener and cleaner solution on deck when systems require more hydraulic power”, concludes Mr Van den Brink.