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The human adventure behind the installation of WindFloat Atlantic

Today, the first episode of a new series on the installation of the WindFloat Atlantic project is available online, entitled Installing WindFloat Atlantic | Episode 1: Mooring Supply, covering Vryhof as supplier for the windfarm.

“It is a challenging project, because there’s no other project to compare it to. But the team behind this project is very solution-oriented and extremely competent”, Senol Ozmutlu, Projects Director at Vryhof, points out. At mooring technology provider Vryhof, Senol Ozmutlu handles large offshore projects from management and supply chain to interfacing with certification authorities. He loves finding solutions and wants to supervise personally all the steps in the project, to make sure everything goes as planned. The story of how a somewhat idealistic idea turned into a reality. Follow him in the WindFloat Atlantic project.

This is the first of four episodes, allowing viewers to understand the installation process of a floating windfarm and to live through the images the human adventure behind the WindFloat Atlantic project. You will get to know some of the people who made it happen, like Hélène Butat at Bourbon Subsea Services or Tiago Godinho at Principle Power.

You can watch the first episode here: