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OOS Tiradentes resumes operation in Campos offshore oilfield

OOS Tiradentes

OOS Tiradentes, the Semi-Submersible Accommodation Vessel managed by CIMC Raffles, received the notice to resume operation by Petrobras to return to the Campos offshore oilfield in early August 2020 for its annual DP test, and then after to provide offshore accommodation service for Petrobras P-40 campaign at early September 2020, making it the first accommodation vessel in the region to resume operation.

OOS Tiradentes, named after the Brazilian Hero for its national independence, has been operating in Brazil for Petrobras for the past two years since its initial approval survey. OOS Tiradentes had received numerous positive feedbacks on its high standards of quality and optimum performances over the past two years.

In 2020, Petrobras decided to suspend the operation of the floating production storage and offloading vessels and their supporting accommodation platforms including OOS Tiradentes in local waters under the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. For assurance on continual customer’s satisfaction from Petrobras, CIMC Raffles Asset Operation and Management Center has made full use of this period and actively worked with its ship managers, OOS International, and contractors to overhaul two of the thrusters on OOS Tiradentes to ensure its upcoming operational efficiencies.