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MAN Rollo delivers first Stage V marine engine

MAN RolloBy delivering the first Stage V engine, MAN Rollo directly contributes to the sustainability of the marine sector. MAN Engines invests heavily in emission-limiting technologies. Sometimes these constitute disruptive innovations. Often, they boil down to incremental improvements to existing solutions. And they always address the sustainability challenges of tomorrow.

The factory-ready Stage V certified marine engine is a case in point. Stage V engines offer the inland shipping sector and other users a sustainable, compact, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to traditionally engineered diesel engines. The Stage V engine is the logical next step in MAN’s IMO III sustainability campaign. For this project, MAN applied techniques and learnings from its existing range of deep-sea vessel engines to build a compact solution for inland shipping routes. The result is a quiet and energy efficient engine with a superb factory installed SCR emission control system.

The first production version of the Stage V engine has already been built. Rotterdam-based water company Evides is the first customer. MAN Rollo dealer Vink diesel will deliver and install this engine. “This is a momentous step towards a more sustainable inland shipping sector”, as Michel van Gulik, General Manager of MAN Rollo explains. “And we’re about to bring additional Stage V models to market, with more power than the current 300kW version. We’re working towards a complete line-up that can meet any propulsion and auxiliary power requirement. This isn’t just good news for the inland shipping sector; near coastal operators who value the social and commercial advantages of sustainable entrepreneurship will also benefit.”