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NXPTZ SERIES2, the new PTZ in stainless steel for corrosive environments

VideatecVideotec, a company with more than thirty years of experience in stainless steel product development for video surveillance in marine offshore/onshore and corrosive industrial environments, announces NXPTZ SERIES2, the new generation of PTZ FullHD video cameras with innovative and high performance features for outdoor preventive security applications in the most difficult environmental conditions.

The PTZ range has been completely revamped and expanded to include visible Day/Night Super low-light, FullHD 1080p-60fps video cameras with DELUX or SONY FCB-EV7520 technology, capable of producing impeccable image clarity even in the most difficult lighting conditions. New thermal PTZ or dual vision network PTZ models are also available for extreme precision in detection and perimeter monitoring and high-risk environment monitoring and monitoring with poor lighting conditions. The integrated thermal video cameras also offer radiometry features for precise temperature readings, useful in monitoring industrial processes.

Advanced video analysis features are now available for these PTZ cameras, thanks to VIDEOTEC ANALYTICS. This new technology excellent in preventive intrusion detection for outdoor applications, developed entirely by Videotec, uses very strong algorithms for highly accurate detection and precise and fluid auto-tracking even in the most adverse environmental conditions. The detection algorithm is particularly reliable even with rain, snow, camera vibrations, low contrast, sudden changes in light or shadows and in the presence of small animals or insects.

The new NXPTZ SERIES2 PTZ video cameras can be geo-localized on the maps to support the GeoMove and GeoMove&Track features. The GeoMove feature is very useful in perimeter surveillance systems and for port traffic control because it lets you capture any target through geographic coordinates, even in critical visibility or offshore conditions.

In a video surveillance system, the GeoMove feature can typically be activated using a camera with Videotec Analytics on board, or through third-party software such as Video Management Software (VMS), which provide the geographic coordinates of a target and use them to guide the Videotec PTZ cameras to capture the target. The coordinates can also be sent in the same way using Vessel Tracking Services (VTS – navigation control services) or using radar control systems.

Furthermore, PTZ video cameras with Videotec Analytics on board can activate the GeoMove&Track feature. In this case, the Videotec PTZ camera that receives the coordinates of the target, thanks to the video analytics, can also recognise and autonomously follow the geo-localized target. Compared to the previous generation, the SERIES2 video cameras can easily connect the PTZ over fiber optics, thanks to the SFP module slot installed directly on the base of the unit.

The NXPTZ SERIES2 PTZ cameras can operate in corrosive environments, thanks to their solid construction in AISI 316L stainless steel with micro shot-peened and electro-polished surfaces, and the extreme precision adopted during the construction processes. The IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69 grades guarantee total protection against inclement weather and allow the device to be cleaned with high pressure jets of hot water and temporary submersion.