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Royal IHC and DMI sign contract dock and repair HNLMS Groningen

Today, Royal IHC and the Department of Material Maintenance (DMI) of the Royal Netherlands Navy signed a contract for the docking and repair of HNLMS Groningen. Louwrens op de Beek, Director of Defence of Royal IHC and Annemieke Selbach, Head of Purchasing at DMI have signed the contract at the naval yard in Den Helder.

HNLMS Groningen is currently back in The Netherlands due to issues with the propeller shaft on the starboard side. Royal IHC will coordinate and carry out the inspection of the shaft, and to this end, the ship will be docked at the Reimerswaal shipyard in Vlissingen. The project will be carried out in two phases. Firstly, the propeller shaft will be removed and its associated components disassembled so that an inspection can take place. The patrol vessel will then return to Den Helder. After the propeller shaft has been repaired, the HNLMS Groningen will dock again in Vlissingen where Royal IHC will reinstall it.

“We are honoured that DMI has awarded us this contract”, says Louwrens op de Beek. “Alongside the engineering assignments that Royal IHC is currently carrying out, this project is a great opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise more widely for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. It is a step towards our ambition to intensify our cooperation with them, and together, we will ensure that HNLMS Groningen can carry out its tasks effectively once more.”