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2021 and beyond -The best is yet to come

SaltwaterSaltwater Engineering was founded in 2007 by four naval engineers. With a small team and a hands-on approach the company was able to deliver engineering solutions, fast.

Their flexibility, speed and out-of-the-box thinking made Saltwater Engineering stand out. These traits gave them an edge over incumbents and allowed them to gain a foothold in various markets demanding naval engineering. Over time they have build strong relationships with clients providing a steady stream of projects to realise organic growth.

Over the years the company has grown; both in revenue and employee count. To sustain year-over-year growth, management has focussed on building an organisation by investing in people, processes and technology. These investments have paid off. The company has grown, the number of projects scaled up and a solid foundation has been put in place to enable further growth.

2021 and beyond
A shift in leadership has provided a much needed momentum to change course. The aim for Saltwater is to accelerate growth and to leapfrog to the next plateau. Moving forward means moving the needle on the way they do business. It requires shifting gears and stepping-up. Bold ambitions demand bold decisions. They are ready. The best is yet to come.

Visual identity
One of the bold decisions was changing the logo to a design with a more mature look and feel that represents the growth. The new logo features an abstract, minimalist graphic representation of a wave. This symbolises what is at the heart of Saltwater: making the unpredictable, predictable! Saltwater Engineering provides custom engineering solutions for the naval and offshore industry.