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World-first Smart notation for CMHI’s Shen Lan Tan Suo

Smart NotationA semi-submersible drilling platform from China Merchant Heavy Industry (CMHI), Shen Lan Tan Suo, has become the world’s first offshore unit to receive DNV’s Smart notation compliance certificate. The voluntary Smart vessel notation from DNV, provides a framework for assessing and visualising digital vessel features and shows that a vessel is utilising enhancements that improve operations, efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts.

“We are very honoured that Shen Lan Tan Suo was awarded the world’s first Smart notation from DNV”, says Mei Xianzhi, General Manager of CMHI (Jiangsu), at the presentation ceremony. “We thank DNV for their strong support during the project.” “Digitalisation and intellectualisation are the general trends in technological development. Digital transformation is one of the development strategies for CMHI and we are committed to building the internal industry chain of ship repair and ship construction through smart operation and maintenance, while adding value to end users with services supporting the life cycle of ships”, adds Mr Mei. “We have enjoyed good cooperation over the years and believe there will be broader cooperation in the future. We both will further enhance and deepen cooperation together and provide safer, smarter, and greener products in offshore and cruise segments”, he concludes.

DNV Maritime’s Regional Manager for Greater China, Norbert Kray, presented DNV’s Smart notation compliance certificate for the CM-SD1000 medium and deep-water drilling rig to Mr Mei Xianzhi in a ceremony held at DNV’s regional headquarters in Shanghai on 10 March 2021. “Thank you for placing your trust in DNV,” says Mr Kray. “As the first in the world to apply our newly developed Smart notation, CMHI demonstrates that in in digitalisation and automation they have both the foresight to look to future needs and the ability to deliver in practice. I would also like to thank the teams who to have successfully realised this groundbreaking notation and all of the involved partners for their contributions and cooperation.”

The Smart notation demonstrates that the data collection infrastructure of Shen Lan Tan Suo, and its ability to ensure reliable and safe data collection from multiple systems onboard has been subject to quality assurance from an independent third party. The rig has also been awarded the qualifiers D-INF(P) for data-driven verification processes, and EEN, which recognises solutions that provide improved energy efficiency and reduced harmful emissions, focusing on technologies that are considered cost, energy and emission-efficient for the operation of the vessel. “Data streams from sensors and other sources of information are increasingly becoming an essential part of decision-making and used as input for monitoring, control, quality assurance, and verification”, explains DNV’s Offshore Classification Director Geir Fuglerud, who joined the award ceremony virtually from Norway. “It’s of great importance for the industry that you started the digital journey. Because, while the future opportunities are almost endless, they must always begin with an innovator who is willing to take the first steps – as we see here with CMHI and Shen Lan Tan Suo.”