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Videotec celebrates ten-year ONVIF membership

Over the past 10 years, the specialist engineers of Videotec’s internal ONVIF team have collaborated directly with the organisation, making a significant and tangible contribution to the protocol’s effective development, promoting ONVIF specifications as an industrial standard and their integration within Videotec IP products.  

The Videotec team’s commitment on the field was recognised and rewarded with the ONVIF Award Program 2015. Videotec has a strong presence in a number of vertical markets, with prestigious references in the transport and traffic, maritime and industrial, and energy and oil sectors. Videotec is committed to providing its global partners with high-performance, robust and cyber-secure IP-based products that meet the stringent needs of these markets.

To this end, Videotec has the ONVIF Security Service specification on which it bases the implementation of its IP products’ IT security. The aim is to push the sector to move away from usernames and passwords towards the most up-to-date certificate-based authentication systems.

Thanks to the ONVIF standard, Videotec products offer great flexibility, security and full interoperability with third-party products, which allows them to function to optimum standards even in the most complex security systems.

Videotec ONVIF team member Enrico Campana states, “Our direct contact with the world of ONVIF has helped us Videotec engineers transition from analogue to IP on all products available in our catalogue currently. Our experience of working side-by-side with technicians from other companies in the video surveillance sector has been an important stimulus in the expansion and the sharing of our know-how in order to play an active role in this evolution. The skills acquired in recent years have given us the strength and confidence to face new technological challenges and satisfy increasingly stringent security, innovation and reliability requirements.”

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