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Fuel flexibility is the future of the maritime industry

Last year, ADS van STIGT celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Over the years, the company has grown into a strong sales and service organisation that has developed from representative of foreign manufacturing companies to an independent importer, distributor, and maintenance expert. ADS van STIGT is a supplier of propulsion systems and electronic control and monitoring systems for pleasure to mega yachts, from fishery to commercial shipping, dredging, offshore, and industrial.

ADS van STIGT became the A-specialist for reverse reduction gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, clutch reduction and conventional gearboxes, controllable pitch propellers, flexible couplings, and electronic control and monitoring systems. As complete propulsion packages can be supplied, system responsibility is accepted by the company. In short, ADS van STIGT is the name of a nationally and internationally operating company offering maritime knowledge, an extensive state-of-the-art programme and a large warehouse with thousands of final products and parts, supported by efficiently equipped workshops, and a 24/7 service organisation. Together, they guarantee an optimal care for each product once it has started its long operating life after it has been put into service.

Recently, the enterprise has seen that the interest in hybrid and electric propulsion is starting to get serious in the market and that all its customers within the shipbuilding industry are focused on sustainability. Not only for the company, but for all suppliers that are part of the powertrain on board of a vessel, it is very important to grow and to be able to deliver according to customer’s demand. This is why ADS van STIGT emphasises on expanding the package that they deliver on board.

Hybrid propulsion optimises the fuel efficiency of vessels that have a flexible power demand such as fishing vessels and tugs. The combination of mechanical power from diesel engines and electrical power from electric motors guarantees the vessels a broad operational capability. The electric power source can consist of what is available today, but it can also be a source currently in development and available in the coming years, and is thus flexible.

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