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Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference in a changing world

Offshore EnergyThe world is changing. The industry is changing. The need to innovate and transform are key in remaining relevant and future-proof. This is true during the COVID-19 period, and it will be so after the pandemic.

The world did not stop spinning the last year and the energy transition is shifting into higher gear. Companies incorporate sustainability as part of their business strategy. To make the right decisions in times of change, it is essential to have a broad view. Information from the own sector and neighbouring markets can help spot business opportunities. Sharing knowledge with the community creates strong and valuable networks and sparks innovation.

It all starts with connecting people. With the upcoming Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) (held on 26 and 27 October 2021 in RAI Amsterdam) we look forward to an edition where people can see each other in real life, without the help of an internet connection. Because of the vaccination programmes around the globe, some COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and we are returning to a situation where people can go out and meet face-to-face. Ofcourse, OEEC 2021 will make sure that people can connect in a safe way, but OEEC is not returning to its pre-pandemic ways. “Like so many other companies, we learned a lot in recent times. One thing is that the online connection with our audience during the event is very important. That is why OEEC is going to be hybrid this year, both onsite and online”, says Director of Operations Anne Visser. The event will allow exhibitors, visitors, speakers, and sponsors to connect both online and offline through matchmaking and live roundtable discussions. The content programme will also be broadcasted live from OEEC.

On the exhibition floor, face-to-face connections are leading. Ms Visser continues, “After a long period in which networking and sharing knowledge could only be done online, we see that the industry is longing to meet again in person. OEEC 2021 is grateful to be able to provide an opportunity in which people from the offshore energy and maritime industry can meet each other in a safe way.”
The content programme of OEEC 2021 has the title ‘Offshore Energy in a Changing World’. The offshore energy sector is changing. Developments like the energy transition and the need for sustainability are reshaping the industry. These changes also affect the workforce. To shed light on the different facets of this transformation Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2021 presents a content programme in which the energy transition and cross-market collaboration are leading. It will be broadcasted on offshore-energy.biz before a live audience.

Expect two content packed days of industry insights and network opportunities with like-minded peers. In the programme experts discuss the different facets of the energy transition, as well as many other topics. The content programme has several elements.
The ‘Talks Shows’ take place in an OEEC studio and provide strategic visions and business intelligence that are of interest for the whole offshore energy community. Because of industry insights based on business and editorial knowledge, Offshore Energy presents a landscape in which the different markets are connected in relation to the energy transition. Front runners, game changers, and analysts share their unique views during the ‘Energy Talks’. Fresh ideas and inspirational insights which are related to the offshore energy sector are presented during a talk. Six thinkers and doers will each take the stage. The Energy Talks are recorded before a live audience and will be broadcasted live during the event.

During OEEC 2021 a live show is recorded from ‘The Studio’ on the exhibition floor. Expect the latest news from the sector. The ‘Round Tables’ are interactive gatherings of likeminded peers. Both onsite and online, they act as platforms that connect players from the industry. Industry knowledge and developments from the markets are shared in select groups. In ‘The Showcase’ element, companies present their added value to the offshore energy industry online via informative videos. “These concepts will connect the event floor with the digital environment of Navingo Career and Offshore Energy platform. In that way, we can service our customers and global audience regardless of their location”, says Ms Visser.

What makes OEEC as an exhibition special is its connection with the Offshore Energy platform, in the first place with www.offshore-energy.biz, a connector of communities. The exhibition brings daily news from markets of interest, in-depth articles and videos, insights from industry leaders, an overview of the important players in the business landscape and job boards. It also features online news portals like www.offshorewind.biz, www.dredgingtoday.com, and Offshore Energy Magazine. Offshore-energy.biz focuses on the energy transition. Via valuable insights and foresights, the platform provides an overview of what is going on in our industries. “Being future-proof within the oil, gas, maritime, offshore wind, and marine energy industries means being part of the energy transition and investing in sustainable solutions, which is why the Offshore Energy platform focuses on these topics. Our communities – the maritime and offshore energy industries – are front-runners in this change. By combining markets, we connect the gears that set the energy transition in motion”, says Ms Visser.

When you think about it, maritime ingenuity is needed to construct wind farms, electric power is transmitted by subsea cabling, and oil & gas form the fuel that makes the energy transition happen. Other forms of renewable energy, like marine energy are needed to meet energy demands; ports cannot function without dredging, thus everything is connected. “Our scope throughout different markets and specific userbase provides clients valuable visibility. With our platforms, we reach a global audience of potential new clients. We tell the story of the companies that drive the energy transition. Join our platform for a targeted approach. Your company has a story. Together we can tell it”, concludes Ms Visser.

At Offshore Energy this year, we will find ourselves at a new location in Hall 1. We are looking forward to seeing you at booth 1.604!