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DeltaTek completes inaugural deepwater deployment in the Gulf of Mexico

DeltaTekWell construction expert, DeltaTek Global, has recently supported Petronas Mexico in the successful delivery of a deepwater exploration well (BC-1) off the coast of Tampico in over 1,500m of water. This project marks the first Gulf of Mexico deployment of DeltaTek’s field-proven cementing technology, SeaCure, and the world’s first deepwater application of QuikCure, DeltaTek’s rapid cement hydration technology.

SeaCure, DeltaTek’s flagship technology, provides stabbed-in inner string cementing for subsea wells. QuikCure is a patented process which utilises SeaCure as a conduit for circulating heated fluids inside the casing after the cement job which increases the environmental setting temperature and helps to rapidly build compressive strength in the cement. SeaCure was used to optimise the 22” surface casing’s nitrogen foamed cement job and enabled a 17 ½” drill out in just under 20 minutes. The SeaCure zero shoe-track solution saved 6½ hours compared to the operator’s most recently operated subsea well that required a cleanout BHA for the 22” which included a 19 ½” under-reamer. Additionally, DeltaTek recorded a maximum downhole temperature for the QuikCure heat-sweep of 37°C, which more than doubled the cement job’s placement temperature at the same depth. The additional heat added through the QuikCure process generated  over six times early compressive strength in the tail cement over eight hours. In terms of reducing waiting on cement (WOC) time, this result was equivalent to -4h WOC to develop 100psi in the tail slurry or -16h WOC to develop 500psi in the lead slurry near mudline.

Hafiz, Wells Director at Petronas Mexico, comments on the project, “We are very pleased with this technology offered by DeltaTek, which was implemented in our recent deepwater exploration well. In general, it was proven that these technologies helped us in saving time and cost, while also increasing operational efficiency and supporting our decision-making process. Hopefully, the experience can be further shared with other projects around the globe.” Tyler Reynolds, DeltaTek’s Business Development Manager, adds, “We are incredibly proud to have delivered value to our clients at Petonas through our zero-shoe track solution, SeaCure, and we are even more excited to have proven the applicability of our QuikCure technology in deepwater applications. We are very thankful for the pioneering spirit of our clients at Petronas, and we hope to build on this milestone project as we strengthen our footprint in the region.”