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Rental contract extension Seagull gangway for Taiwan campaign

Seagull gangwaySafeway has secured the extension of an existing rental contract to supply the Safeway Seagull type motion-compensated gangway system on board the subsea construction vessel Topaz Tangaroa.

Safeway is presently market leader in Motion Compensated Gangways in the challenging waters of Taiwan. Safeway customers recognise that in new offshore wind areas the conditions become increasingly challenging. To address these challenging conditions the Safeway Gangway is the perfect solution for high workability, efficiency and flexibility. The Topaz Tangaroa currently is successfully operating off Taiwan, which prompted Captain Robert Goetze of the vessel to define the Safeway Seagull as a ‘cool tool’.

The extension began in Q3 2021 and, as a result, the 28m long walk-to-work Safeway Seagull gangway, with 3D crane function, is now expected to be utilised to the end of Q2 2022.
On the announcement of the contract extension, Wijnand van Aalst, CEO at Safeway, says, “The Safeway Seagull with its unique features including roll compensation, height adjustment, zero impact bumpering/hover mode and counterweight, has proven itself as very suitable for safely and efficiently transferring people and small cargo loads during cable installation campaigns.”

Other exciting news is the formation of the Board of Advisors for the Van Aalst Group/Safeway. Three respectable heavy-weights in the industry have agreed to support the company by being part of this Advisory Board: Jan Bruggenthijs, Daan Koornneef and Jan Willem van der Graaf. Mr Van Aalst notes, “The role of this Advisory Board is to assist the company achieve its strategic growth objectives and market expansion. Their knowledge, mentorship, experience, and insights will help us to take the next step in the professionalisation of the Van Aalst Group/Safeway.”