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Damen acquires Skoonbox to cut yard emissions

SkoonboxDamen Shipyards Group has taken over the Skoonbox from Skoon Energy. The world’s first maritime-certified, multi-purpose battery container will be used to deliver renewable power at the company’s own yards for applications where diesel generators or ships’ engines are primarily used at present.

This 20-foot container is the first step towards Damen’s sustainable battery network for mobile and temporary applications. In time, it can potentially also be deployed for customers worldwide. The Skoonbox was unveiled during the 2018 World Port Days and major developments have been made since. The battery container contains 314 lithium batteries, good for 638kWh of renewable energy. In recent years, the Skoonbox has been used for numerous applications in the Amsterdam Port Area. The Skoonbox in a barge, for example, acted as a floating battery that has supplied green power to a range of ships.

“The Skoonbox, and the clean energy systems coming in its wake, are opening up tremendous opportunities for us to reduce our ecological footprint and those of our customers”, explains Vincent de Maat of Damen Shipyards Group. “This is a sustainable replacement for diesel generators but it can also be used as a green form of shore power, allowing ships berthed at our repair yards to turn off their on-board engines. That saves a lot of emissions.”

“Our focus is on developing Skoon Sharing, the software platform that brings together both local and international supply and demand for mobile, sustainable energy solutions”, says Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, the CEO and founder of Skoon Energy. “The Skoonbox experience has provided us with a tremendous amount of indispensable data and insights. As part of our long-term vision, our aim is not to be hardware owners. Our strength is the development of customer-friendly and commercially scalable software and AI. That is how we realise easy access to clean energy, wherever it may be.”