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Oceandock LX: redefining offshore wind turbine installation

Oceandock LXWindthrust has developed a new safe and secure technology that will redefine offshore wind turbine installations around the world: the Oceandock LX. The Oceandock is a 60,000 self-propelled floating port and installation vessel for Substations, Monopile Foundations and Wind Turbine Generators.

The Oceandock LX has a 60,000m² clear deck area, 700,000m3 of underdeck area and over 600m of docking space for the safe berthing of multiple feeder ships delivering wind turbine components. The innovative floating port solution provides stable and secure storage for over 500,000t of substations, monopile foundations and wind turbine generator components. Furthermore, it can accommodate over 100 personnel and is not required to return to port for reloading.

Currently two or more installation vessels are required to install each turbine. The Oceandock offers a safe, practical, and cost-effective alternative to current systems such as jack-up vessels which are inadequate and far too small. Jack-up vessels can only carry three to a maximum of six wind turbine generators, therefore once these are installed, the vessel must return to port for reloading. The Oceandock is not required to return to the port for reloading.

The Oceandock simultaneously unloads wind turbine components from feeder ships, assembles and installs complete wind turbine generators, substations and monopile foundations. The assembly of the wind turbine generators take place at near deck level; making it possible for the complete wind turbine generator units to be placed in position in one single lift, making this operation safer and faster.