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ONS introduces Net Zero Markets

ONSIn an ever-changing energy market and race towards net zero, the ONS conference and exhibition in Stavanger introduce a brand-new arena, ONS Net Zero Markets.

The Net Zero Markets venue includes, in fact, five unique conferences covering policy, market opportunities and markets indicators within hydrogen, carbon capture & storage, solar power, offshore wind, and energy storage. All in the middle of a world-class exhibition. “This year, we see low carbon and renewable energy permeate the exhibition and programme in a way we have not seen before. A whole range of new companies have entered the scene, but also companies from the traditional oil industry have adapted and changed accordingly to the net-zero ambitions and the technology opportunities. This is exciting and proves the industry itself is on top of the energy transition”, Leif Johan Sevland, CEO and President of ONS says. As the world gets closer to a net zero future and the energy markets change rapidly, Net Zero Markets at ONS 2022 will set the agenda to provide the best technological insights, networking arena and business opportunities for the broader energy industry, including low carbon, cross-sector and renewable energy business.

Trust and energy security
In creating this year’s event, the ONS theme TRUST has been the foundation and inspiration for both programme and exhibition. And especially within the new cross-sector collaborations, new energy players and a volatile world, the theme has been very fitting. The theme will be duly covered at the ONS Conference, but also the other arenas and the companies exhibiting have been inspired in their work and preparations.

ONS 2022 takes place in Stavanger 29 August to 1 September and is expected to attract over 60,000 visitors.

For more info visit the website www.ons.no.