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ICON Yachts on its way with new 70m superyacht conversion

ICON Yachts’ latest conversion project, the 70m Project Master, was pulled into the shipyard’s drydock facility in Harlingen earlier this month. 

This time, ICON chose a vastly different style for the platform vessel – a 66m Offshore Rescue and Support Vessel – for conversion to a global world explorer and yet again, in doing so the team at ICON Yachts is capitalising on its expertise to develop conversion projects which are far from the norm. ICON presented a number of design drafts to their client, and it was this vessel that was found best suited to his listing of requirements: ultimately for a world cruiser that’s family-orientated and yet admirably suited for charter too.

Espen Øino International was contracted in 2021 to develop the design and styling and after seeing the developments thus far, this will prove exciting to witness over the months to come. In the selection and the design process the shipyard alongside Espen’s team found ways to repurpose a significant proportion of the original vessel. This is not only positive on an environmental front, but it also reduces lead time for the client and overcomes the great supply chain hurdle. “Close to 80% of the original vessel will be re-used or upcycled,” the yard explained. “Even those parts removed have been re-cycled into the marine industry as spares, and all in accordance with ICON’s ISO 14001 certification. This allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art explorer without putting a huge drain on the planet’s raw material resources.”

Master was born as Havila Tigris and was delivered by Norway’s Kleven Verft in 2001, before it was sold and renamed Ocean Ness. She was most recently part of the Atlantic Offshore Rescue fleet in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is now at ICON where stripping-out work is running to plan. Proven in worst sea and weather conditions, Master will be a comfortable and stable vessel in her new role as a luxury go-anywhere vessel.