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A seahorse to improve offshore wind turbine blade installation

GustoMSCGustoMSC and NOV Lifting & Handling have developed the Sjøhest, Norwegian for seahorse, to improve offshore wind turbine blade installation efficiency.

Blades are highly susceptible to wind loads, so they currently take the most time to install. Like the seahorse’s unique and strong grasping tail enables it to resist ocean currents, the Sjøhest  Wind Blade Installation (WBI) solution connects to the tower, creating an aligned movement for safe and efficient blade installation.

The Sjøhest WBI solution consists of a dedicated new build NG-5500XL, or a smaller converted jack-up vessel, equipped with a smaller handling crane that picks up the blades from the rack and feeds the trolley. As a telescopic leader boom connects Sjøhest with the already installed tower, the leader boom connection aligns with the tower’s movements. This creates an aligned movement between the blade and the tower. Once connected to the trolley, the blade is horizontally transported up along the leader, rotated into a vertical position, and connected to the rotor.